Minna Pärttö Art - Scandinavian art


89 x 116 cm


81 x 100 cm

Minna Pärttö Art, Scandinavian art, harmony


81 x 100 cm 


81 x 100 cm

Sky Beneath

40 x 40 cm


81 x 100 cm

Minna Pärttö Art, Scandinavian artist, intuitive art


81 x 100 cm

The Sound of Silence

40 x 40 cm


81 x 100 cm

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Feedback on my art

”There is something primordial in her artworks, the shades are in tune with the natural elements of the earth and the air, thus giving a great feeling of peace and balance. The artist Minna is, above all, a great observer; she is able to capture the beauty of the world around her and to reinterpret it in her artworks. She translates into art what her sensitive eyes observe; her work is the result of an extreme attention paid to the surrounding life.”

Art curator Vanessa Viti

”Her artworks have subtle deepness.”

”Minna has the unique gift to convey so much with so little.”

”The layers and atmosphere of the artworks open out in a fascinating manner at different distances. They must be viewed in person!”